Beattie Passive Project
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Customer Journey

  1. Architects Concept: TCosy™ can retrofit buildings of any size, shape or design. Your Architect designs the future vision of the current building.
  2. Building and Energy Assessment: Beattie Passive undertakes a building assessment to check for structural faults or damp. Energy assessments are completed to understand the current energy efficiency and energy usage data.
  3. Beattie Passive 3D design: Architects designs are fed into the Beattie Passive design system and are 3D modelled.
  4. Engagement with the resident: Residents are fully engaged on all stages of the Retrofit process gaining their buy-in and commitment to the project.
  5. Contractor completes Retrofit: Beattie Passive certified contractors manufacture and erect the TCosy™ frame and system, fit passive standard windows and doors, install MVHR and fit external finish.
  6. On-site compliance checks: Every Retrofit is tested at structural completion including structural compliance, thermal continuity testing and air testing.
  7. Beattie Passive Certification: Beattie Passive undertake detailed checks to ensure the retrofit is delivered as designed.
  8. Completed Retrofit: Delivering a new energy efficient, healthier, more comfortable home.
  9. Regenerates the local community: When retrofit is delivered at scale whole communities can be regenerated.
Thermal Modelling
"We have designed the Retrofit process to be as simple and efficient for all parties involved."

Ron Beattie, Managing Director, Beattie Passive